PT. Susanti Megah

Safety and Quality


Safety is critical to the way we do business and is one of our core values. Our safety focus, which begins at Board and executive management level, in addition to personal safety standard tools such as headwear, gloves and masks also underpinned by three elements: embedding proactive safety behavior, developing and implementing a safety management system, and finding engineering solutions for the physical safety hazards that are present in the manufacturing environment. Safety performance is rigorously monitored, reported to management and the Board and is a component of individual performance appraisal and management remuneration.

In fact, we live by the following internal credo: "Nothing is more important to Susanti Megah, Co ltd than health and safety – not production, not sales, not profit." We bring this credo to life through comprehensive health and safety programs that encourage employee involvement and personal responsibility.

The management team remains focused on continuing to drive the improvements required to ensure a safe workplace for all. The key focus continues to be embedding the safety programs across the businesses and driving the required behavioral change.


Ensuring the safety and quality of our products has always been at the core of Susanti Megah, Co ltd. In fact, we believe it has helped to drive our long-term success.

At Susanti Megah, Co ltd our quality programs are focused on the ingredients and materials we use to create and package our products. They also regulate the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of our products. Ranging from personal hygiene, the availability of hand washer on each production line as well as the obligation to use a hair net and mask to avoid contamination of the product produced.